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3 idiots...hmm, by the time you are reading this, you may have watched this fantastic movie. Did you said... No ?? OMG, stop reading this and book a ticket now !!

Above must have made it clear that "3 idiots" is another blockbuster of this year, or decade !! Well, the story is about three students, though Amir (44) was really not looking anywhere to 20s but played the character of Rancho, or Ranchoddas shyamaldas jhanjhad (the humor starts from the name itself), Sharman (raju rastogi) and Madhvan (Farhan) of ICE, Imperial College of Engineering -( college name resembles it). As we all know its an adaptation of FPS of Chetan bhagat (not a copy of it), the story is about the life in the elite engg. college like IIT and the immense pressure of parents, society to be a successful, good earning engineer.

The story revolves around these three friends aka Idiots. Where Raju and Farhan joined college to be a part of this education system and with the aim of getting a degree which can in turn give them big bucks, Rancho believed in getting the knowledge and learning from fun. He obviously can't fit into an Indian classroom, where all you have to do is mug up, to rise up. As the movie includes campus, a danger Director of college-Virus (Boman Irani) oops sorry sir, Mr. Viru Sahastrabuddhe & friends the fun and laugh ride is sure. Another character which needs a definite mention is (no no i am not talking about kareena), its Chatur (Omi) - 'Silencer'. His speech (remember 'chamatkari') and other scenes like the ragging signature made the three hours a laugh riot. And yes, the love masala was really apt in the movie and i really liked the role of kareena -short and apt. The serious and emotional moments and issues were all well fitted the scene and the screenplay deserves a hats off.

Such a serious issue of our Education system was really well criticized along with a great humor. The film is actually a fairly serious take on a cruel examination system that gets passed off for an education system in this country. Not surprising, this rote-learning, cramming and to just pass the exam, (as prof said "book me yahi definition hai, yahi likhoge to pass hoge") even from India’s best institutions, produces more a bureaucracy to serve the corporate and banking sector, than any original thinkers who could pick up a Nobel prize for an invention. But as all iz well, in the end.

Super packed performances could be useless, if there is no script. The core of the movie was script and Raju Hirani (along with Abhijat Joshi) has done a fabulous job. Raju Hirani is continuing to be a good film maker and proving Bollywood is no more leaner than Hollywood. Three cheers to him. Music moves well along with movie and "Behti hawa sa tha vo" as theme was a good choice, but my favourite : Give me some sunshine... Perfect performances by everyone, gr8 script, dialogues, cinematography, story presentation with an awesome blend of humor, emotions, morals, music, romance (a lil bit but in apt quantity), and a message to India's education System.

A must must must watch for watch this as soon as u can !! I request Mr. Hirani if he could screen this movie for free after a month or so for Teachers n professors, so that they should watch this and the message must be forwarded to them !!!

All iz well !!

MyRatings : 4.5 / 5

P.S : Leave your review n ratings with the favorite dialogue/scene of the movie. Its always good to share !!!

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