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This post is dedicated to Sachin Tendulkar and his new landmark of 17000 runs in ODI cricket. If someone who don't follow Cricket here in India, also know Sachin very well. The man who made Cricket a religion in India and unites the whole nation, is definitely their God. Yes, this is what said about Sachin Tendulkar and i can proudly say, Cricket is my religion and Sachin is my God !!

05th November 2009, the day when a batsman serving Cricket for over 19 years was playing his 435th ODI match against Australia in Hyderabad, India makes another world record. It may be not a big thing for that man, but definitely for his fan and followers. This man was Sachin Tendulkar who now holds the world record of scoring over 17000 runs in ODI cricket. 17168 runs are now in his account and everyone hopes that when he will retire, i am sure after 3-4 years, has over 20000 runs. Well, we can hope this as this is start of the season and he is just 832 runs behind his 18000 ODI runs mark.

When he made his debut in 1989 (18th Dec 89), he scored a duck, yes a duck now holds the world record of highest total runs in ODI. What a character and a truly cricketer who knows to handle the situation as the team demands. Although the match against Australia in which he made this record was lost by India by a margin of only 3 runs.

In reply to Australia's a biggie 350 runs (for 4 wickets) India all out at 347. Its never
easy to chase such a big total on any kind of pitch but every Indian was hoping that we will make it and the Indian audience glued to TV when Sachin started to make this happen. Masterstroke innings of 175 runs of just 141 balls with 19 fours and 4 sixes from the Little master helped India to reach near to the target. At once till Sachin was at the crease the run rate required was low than the current run rate. But the one man show and a poor performance from the rest of the 10 players can't help out India to bag this match. Anyways, he get the well deserved MOM.

The impact of Sachin's innings was so strong that Twitter, which has countable Indians noticed Sachin as the Trending Topic at 3rd place and that's in just in an hour. Some of the comments that is really noticeable about Sachin's innings and this match includes :

"when Sachin retires, the world will no long follow the AD/BC system for denoting years. It will be AS & BS (After Sachin/Before Sachin). "

"Commit all your sins while Sachin is batting, because even God is busy watching him."

"Team India lost to Australia and Australia lost to one man, Sachin."

"Sachin led the team to the door of victory but the rest of 10 players forgot to bring the key"
There are a lots of comments of sachin's praise and his heroic performance. The whole nation is saluting him and so I.

He is definitely the the shiniest jewel of India and i hope he will give chances to his fans and me to praise him with such post. Final words "Sachin is God" !!!

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