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Just few days ago, came across to know about Noor through one of my friend. He recommended it and after hearing the music i thanked him back.

India, where a lots of music and movies releases everyday in numerous languages; the low profile albums somewhere rests behind to gain popularity. Anyways, this post is not a debate on this issue. I am writing this because I felt that i must share this mellifluous debut album titled "Noor" by Lokesh and Manan. Lokesh, 24, a physiotherapist by education but a singer by heart gave vocals of all the songs. The music, back vocals and all the post production tasks are accomplished by Manan Sharma and recorded and released by White Coffee Studios (NCR).

The album comprises four main songs along with three other scores. These are : Noor, Jal jaye jiya, Iltja (ft. Shevy), Jal jaye jiya (live), Bhuloon naa, Noor (indo-asian version), theme of Noor. All the songs are really musical and soulful, but there is only one ace and its the title track "Noor" for me. The tempo of the album is set by this track but you'll find varying resonance in the tracks. Shevy , a graduation student and an upcoming musician did a rap  in Iltja, which is another popular track of this album. Its highly recommendable to you guys and you can listen the teaser from the Facebook Fan Page of Noor . If you like it, go and buy it, its high form of Appreciation for an upcoming artist. Remember, "Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well."

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