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Here is my hands-on review of NOKIA C6-01. Let me first tell you, you can like this phone only if you are a Symbian/Nokia fan or you can live without the Android.

1. Specification : Check this link, you'll get every minute specs details :

2. Size and Display :
Looks, Nokia is known for its not-so-catchy phones, well right. This phone again proving the same belief. But once you take it in ur hand, you'll really feel good. It fits so well in hand, and easy to use with one hand, moreover, its metallic outlined body and black finish make you to love it more.

It has a superb 3.2 inch Capacitive touchscreen display (AMOLED) with 640x360 resolution (nHD). Various sensors are add-ons. Nokia introduced ClearBlack display technology first time in this model, which gives a clear display in sunshine or outdoors. I'll give 3/5 for ClearDisplay. I didnt find it very much impressive but a well try.
One more thing, the phone is lil bit heavy (130g) but that is due to its stainless steel body. I dont have any issue with that, even N8 weighs 135g.

3. Performance : I checked that Nokia C6-01, C7 and N8 all has 680 MHz ARM 11 processor, Broadcom BCM2727 GPU and 256 MB RAM, 1 GB ROM (N8 suppose to have 512 MB). So, considering the price point, C6-01 is a clear winner.

The graphics of phone is awesome, you will realise this when you play any HD game.
Till now i have tried a few apps n games, and all ran smoothly. These includes Angry birds, fruit ninja, Raging thunder 2, Cricket 3D and few more. But its having some hiccups in running NFS shift HD. I am yet to find an answer that when the specs are same, NFS runs smoothly on N8 & C7 then why not on C6-01 or i was mistaken somewhere.

4. Symbian^3 :
I am waiting for Anna.
There are few modifications from S60v5. Some are really good, but nothing extraordinary. (Personally this is my first smartphone, but i have used many for quite a good time.)

Music Player is worth mentioning here along with conversation using qwerty touch pad in messaging.
There is a Photo Editor, i must say, try it...its wonderful.

As its, symbian, you can't expect to get a good browser. Its again the same pathetic one. Installed Opera Mini right after getting my mobile. But i must say, Symbian^3 is way improved version of s60v5. The UI is user friendly, easy to organise your files, apps. The file browser is though the same one. You'll get Lonely Planet, burp, planet advisor installed in the maps with some other regular "Symbian" apps. There are links to some video sites and all. A gimmick.

There is one app, Social, which let you manage your facebook and twitter account. It is sufficient for me, but i guess not for many. One thing i liked is the availability to configure your various mail accounts including Exchange Mails (corporate) ones.

5. Multimedia :
8MP camera, fixed focus, dual LED Flash (i always wanted this ). Primarily its a phone not camera, and again its same camera with just more resolution. Just above Average.But, 720p HD recording @25fps, vooohhh,....i like it.

Watch movies, videos when u r getting bored in college, office or anywhere else. It is suppose to run all the formats (but mkv is not running in the default player, so have to test with some 3rd party players).

The audio quality and loudness, both are superb in this phone. You'll love to hear songs in this phone. But the crapy, utter cheap nokia headset is sh!t... Can't understand this. Nokia is giving same headset with a 3k phone and 14k phone. Hell.

6. Battery and Others :
Its specs says, it has 408h standby that means around 17 days.But i guess, if you dont do anything with this phone except using it to check time, it may run upto 12-15 days. yeah, battery backup (not talktime) is superb.
Well, that is kinda impractical and useless as the battery runs out in a day, with normal browsing, an hour+ of music playback (in headset) and some 30-40 minutes of game playing, 2-2.5hrs of chit-chat. You need to recharge it in night daily.

It has bluetooth 3.0 (waste), TV out (not tested).
GPS navigation is pretty impressive.
Voice clarity and network reception is as per nokia standards, superb. Yet to test Video Calling and 3G (sh!tty voda plans), but wi-fi surfing was cheerful.

It has UTG (USB on the go): attach USB peripherals like mouse, keyboard, pen drives to the phone via a cable. You need to buy the cable and it cost around 200-250 bucks. Some users have reported successful use with some standardized devices.

I can write more and more, but you'll b satisfied when you use this phone on your own.Believe me, this is the best VFM multimedia phone in the market in this price bracket. (12k-14k).

You can get variety of apps (ofcourse after some tweaking, otherwise thru OVI and some sites). My overall rating : 4/5.
I am a happy and proud owner of Nokai C6-01

PICS (click for enlarge):

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